Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sell Buy Try!

New website where you can sell your works, or buy mine ;-)
PL: Dziewczyny, może warto? To serwis ogłoszeniowy dla rękodzielników (wyczytałam na forum robótkowym i postanowiłam zaryzykować ;-)), który nie pobiera opłat za ogłoszenia! Regulamin nie wygląda źle i mają opcję PayPal, co mnie np. bardzo cieszy :-)
No i teges, dziubiemy, dziergamy, a włóczki i druty (oraz szydełka!) swoje kosztują, niechże się nam chociaż robocizna zwróci, hę? Jeśli się skusicie, to poproszę o linki do strony w komentarzach!
tutaj chusta Panzernej :-) (Klick and buy, it's AWESOME!!!)

Friday, 25 January 2013


That was the first thought when I saw myself wearing this set in a mirror.
I remember that someone called me "Cleopatra" once, but pfff, I never believed in my external beauty, really.  Maybe I was wrong not to believe, but still ;-) my internal beauty is definitely more exciting ;-P
The thing is re-knitted. The first person to know what I used to re-knit (hint: baby pink acrylic yarn was brand new, James C. Brett "Top Value" Ł1.29, not re-knitted), will get the random HaHaHat. OK, it's already chosen and packed! I am evil woman and want to date Lord Voldemort. Yeah...
Everything is here, you just have to patiently browse aaaaaaaall the blog.
So here it is
Cleopatra set:

 HaHaHat has a very small pocket, my friends love it :-D

Monday, 21 January 2013

let is snow let it snow let it snow...

I's real winter, cold and with loads of snow.
I'm sitting in front of my laptop, with my fingernails painted pink and trying not to scream.
I'm so frustrated... so many bad things happened recently and I'm really really tired.
But the world is so clean and white, and it's still snowing!

Sunday, 20 January 2013


I bought delightful acrylic yarn called Burcum Batik and knitted something for me, myself and I this time.
I started with the kerchief, I modified a bit the edge, body is the same as in the "big fat sheep" then I added one row Kfb and another few rows K1P1 :-) simple but nice. And the yarn is sooooooo sooooooft and soooooooo allergic friendly!
There is one problem with shawls: it takes a lot of time to make one, hats are really faster ;-)

Friday, 18 January 2013


my gmail account was hacked, and I was unable to log into my account, the blog was gone and i am really really mad about that. whoever did that, i wish that person all the worst!
I'm back, but I do not trust gmail anymore. 

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Co? Jajco!

Wełniano/wełniano-moherowe jajco na dodatek ;-)
Zdechł mi był zasilacz i rzutem na taśmę udało mi się za ostatnie pieniądze zamówić zastępczy na all... 
No i tym sposobem miałam straaaaaaaaasznie duuuuuuuuuuuużo czaaaaaaaaaaaasu 
bez kompa ;-)
Efekt tego przymusowego odwyku?
Jajco, zwane też Jajecznicą ;-)
W roli głównej, czyli żółtka wystąpiła włóczka moherowa o wdzięcznej nazwie 
MADONNA (33% mohair, 57% wool, 7% viscose, 3% nylon)
FLYER (100% pure new wool)
Panie i Panowie...

Monday, 14 January 2013

Do you remember Rainbowy Sweater?

She comes in colors everywhere; 
She combs her hair 
She's like a rainbow ...

I quoted The Rolling Stones song on purpose ;-)
I joined "Save The Pink" movement long time ago and this is THE PROOF ;-P
I slightly modified this HaHaSweater, but really, no one will see the difference but me ;-)
In this session the model was freezing, the car called "Bąbelek" was standing still, and the Photographer made me sooo aghrrr! :-D (He is my very best friend, so he is still alive and kicking ;-)).
Huge Hug Folks!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Check & Mate

Check & Mate: grey chessboard set with HaHaHat and HaHaChimney ;-)


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Zig-Zag HaHaHat

Yarn: Brittanica Mandarin , 15% wool, 85% acrylic
50 gr skein , 300m/100gr


that's more like natural colour ;-P

Zig-Zag HaHaHat pattern:
Cast on the number of stitches devisible by 3
1. Right Side: P3,K3 till the end of the row
2. Purl and knit the way the stiches are (always this way on the Wrong Side)
3. K1, P3 *K3, P3*, K2
5. K2, P3 *K3, P3*, K1
7.K3, P3 till the end of the row
9. K2, P3, *K3, P3*, K1
11. K1, P3 *K3, P3*, K2
13. P3, K3 till the end of the row.
15. K1, P3 *K3, P3* K2
17. K2, P3 *K3, P3*, K1
19. K3, P3  till the end of the row 
21. P1, K3 *P3, K3* P2
23. P2, K3 *P3, K3* P1
25. P3, K3  till the end of the row.
27. P2, K3 *P3, K3* P1
29. P1, K3 *P3, K3* P2
31. K3, P3 till the end of the row.
33. K2, P3 *K3, P3* K1
35. K1, P3 *K3, P3*, K2
37. P3, K3 till the end of the row
to finish the hat 
K3tog till the end of the row on RS
P on the WS
then again K3tog 
and finish when you have one stitch left.
Sew the edges et voila, you have your own Zig-Zag HaHaHat :-)

K- knit/ prawe oczko
P-purl/ lewe oczko
RS - prawa strona
WS - lewa strona robótki

Monday, 7 January 2013

Happy B-Day to me ;-P

I'm 18,5... again ;-)
and got the most awesome B-day gift ever from December!

I'm so so sooooooooo happy!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief

my first attempts:
that was in fact the very first one I knitted ;-P
but because it was a gift, I had to wait with posting.