Saturday, 22 February 2014

120 -socks/skarpety

yeah! hell yeah! :-D

jestem z siebie dumna! :-D

Saturday, 8 February 2014

119 - meet Effuniak! poznajcie Effuniak!

Every woman knows what is the most important in life: good shoes and good bras!
They must be comfortable.
I used to be a brafitter, yeah ;-) I've seen so many breasts that it will last for at least 30 lifetimes of an average male ;-) And still most of women I've met couldn't find a right bra themselves. Why, because it's not that easy.
I want to introduce here Ewa "Effuniak" Michalak who created super comfy bras, that are also extremely beautiful.
Meet Effuniak!

Ewa is wearing a scarf knitted by me ;-) and because I was in a hurry it's the one and only picture of this one ;-)

Ewa is adorable person, she is extremely creative and incredibly persistent (you know, it's easier to grow wings than run a business in PL...)

You can buy bras and sets here: 

Do not hesitate! I've got 


and want mooooooooooooore :-)

(Need to rob the bank first though ;-))