Monday, 25 February 2013

Sarenka (Roe Deer)

na mrozie nie może ;-)
(cannot stand the cold
she's waiting for the warm breath
the woodsman rubs her leg
"Let her eat her's fill")
[my translation is not perfect, but it will give you a hint of  Haiku Fristajl lyrics ;-]]

And here is my Sarenka ;-)

Materials: Himalaya Beyza 20% wool, 80% acrylic 
size S to M ca. 50-52 cm in diameter

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Warm Worm

Oh, I just love it! Real HaHaHat with horns and aaaaaaaaaall green! 
Resistance is futile! Take me to your leaders!


Neon Green yarn: 20% mohair, 80% acrylic (I just lost this piece of paper attached to the yarn with all the details.. means things are back to normal and it will appear in 2 months out of nowhere ;-P)
the other green is previously shown ilea meteor: 15% wool, 85% acrylic.

Sunday, 17 February 2013


Do you know Jesse Cox? I really adore this guy, I loved his Witcher2 playlist and now (yeah yeah, I'm late ca. 15 months ;-P), I am watching SKYRIM!! Oh well, I just love Jesse Cox :-D.
Anyway, I was inspired and bought some yarn:

And then I started ;-) 

I'd love to thank ciri1971 for My Private Jet (by OPI) and CHG Ruby Pumps (this one will be here soon). I decided to show all my addictions here so beware!

I love this nail polish! It looks brown in the daylight and purple in the night. Ah! My first private jet :-D now I need a spaceship ;-P

Anyway: Jesse really  is cool lad and definitely he is one of the very few humans that make me laugh .
Thanks Jesse!

The final product? Oh well...
I ripped it at least 3 times, but finally I decided against making a sweater (yeah, 1,5 sleeve was already there...) and...
this is my newest armor:

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Przeprowadzka, Garnek i Spóźnione Podziękowania!

Się przeprowadziłam i teraz bytuję w podsmokogrodzkiej wiosce u najwspanialszej Dziewczyny na świecie, czyli Mari :-), która zrobiła zdjęcia "temu Garnku" ;)
I moved (again) and now I'm living in the village near the City of the Dragon with The Most Fabulous Girl on Earth - Mari. (Mari took pics this time ;-))
Ogólnie nie bardzo miałam czas i wenę, by coś działać, ale dzieję zawzięcie sweterek wiosenny z Saski Elian ;-P tył już udziałam. 
In general: I didn't have much time (or fancy) for knitting but I am bravely knitting the sweater for Spring, I have back already ;-P
W przerwie, bo już mnie zżerała nuuuuuuuda, powstał ten oto Garnek:
In the meantime, because I was sooooooo bored with sweater, I knitted this Garnek:

A teraz najważniejsze:
Podziękowania dla Cudownej Ren-yi :-)
za niesamowity szyjogrzej i obłędne łapki, które wyglądają właśnie tak:
I'd like to thank Wonderful Ren-ya for the amazing cowl and awesome mittens, that look exactly this way:
Dziękuję jeszcze Hexxi za możliwość przetestowania obecnego na fotce lakieru Flormar (HexxBox!), którego recenzja pojawi się niebawem (tylko jeszcze nie wiem, czy tu, czy tam ;-)). 
And one more thanks: to  Hexxa for the opportunity to test this Flormar nail polish (HexxBox!), which I am going to review someday soon ;-P

Friday, 8 February 2013


I desperately desire Koigu Magazine ;-)
so if anyone is able to buy it and scan it, and then send pdf to me I'll be grateful :-)

Monday, 4 February 2013